Admission Requirements

Academic Requirement :

  1. Graduated from Master (S2) study program level courses from accredited institution. Minimum grade-point average 3 (on 1-4 scale) as proven by legalized academic transcript.
  2. Submitting research proposal outline with 3 (three) pages minimum, which include background, subject matter to be studied, and method of research.
  3. Passed the academic selection :TPA by Bappenas, minimum TOELF Score 500 and interview test.

Administration Requirement :

  1. Admission Fee  Rp. 750.000.
  2. Filling the registration form with submitting photocopy of diploma and legalized academic transcript, curriculum vitae, and colored photographs  (3×4= 6 copy ; 4×6= 4 copy), and receipt of form payment

Tuition Fee:

  1. SPI Endowments Rp.15.000.000 (with 3 time intallments).
  2. Tuition fee per semester Rp. 10.000.000
  3. Colloquium Cost per semester Rp 1.000.000 (for students who wish for 1 supervisor from outside of UNDIP)