In order to raise the tourism sector of the Ministry of Tourism cooperated with Undip in implementing Human Resources Basic Training Tourism in ICT Building Undip Tembalang, Friday (5/8) afternoon.Diponegoro University Rector Prof. Yos Johan Utama said that Undip welcomed the invitation of Kemenpar to raise the tourism sector by including students from various faculties in Undip to attend this training.

“Things need to be developed in the world of Indonesian tourism is Eduwisata, it will also be conducted Undip future by launching as a tourist destination. For that we have to make innovations that the world of tourism we are able to compete internationally” he says.

Deputy of Institutional Development of Tourism Ministry of Tourism Prof. Ahman Sya said that the students before the independence has an important role for Indonesia. that’s why we chose the University of Diponegoro in order to make students Undip as cadres of tourism.

“It is expected that generated reliable cadres, whatever their profession in order to each occasion would definitely encourage the Indonesian tourism. Tourism is a priority of development in the era of President Joko Widodo, as the tourism development sector
contributor to the PDB number 4, with growth of 7.3% per year. “he said.