Aim and Target

  1. To produce graduates qualified in the field of public administration science who master the ability to think, behave and act like public administration scholar.
  2. To produce graduates with ability to follow the development of science and technology in the field of public administration science.
  3. To produce graduates with high professional skills on public administration research and science development.
  4. To produce graduates with capability to find, comprehend, explain and formulate way to solve problems in the field of public administration with multidisciplinary insights trough community service.
  5. To produce graduates with capacity to produce science within the scope of public administration science.


  1. To produce qualified graduates.
  2. To improve the quality and quantity of research and community service under public administration science based on scientific road map.
  3. To improve the academic professionalism ability of lecturers.
  4. To improve the capability of academic and administration staff.
  5. To improve cooperation domestic and internationally through various activities in the spirit of World Class University.