Special Skills


Type: Academic/Profession/Vocasion, Degree: S3 (Doctoral)

1. Capable to design concept model, strategy or innovation in public policy field and public sector government.
2. Capable to develop knowledge under the public administration science through research so it may generate creative, original and tested works.
3. Capable to design strategic plan for the implementation of a public policy whether in medium term (road map) or long term plan (grand design)
4. Capable to design monitoring system and public policy evaluation in order to know the result (outcome) and effect (impact) of a policy.
5. Capable to maintain, lead and develop research in the field of public administration science by using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods or having systematic thinking as well as gaining national and international recognition.
6. Capable to compose and execute plan of change by using various approaches and methods under public governance perspective.
7. Capable to solve public administration problem by using inter, multi or trans-disciplinary approaches.